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Sons of Valor Coffee + Book Bundle

Sons of Valor Coffee + Book Bundle

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Sons of Valor Blend (Grind)

Bundle Includes:

  • Sons of Valor III: War Machine book
  • Sons of Valor 12 oz specialty roast (choice of grind)

It truly is a pleasure to introduce you to Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson (Andrews & Wilson) a pair of Navy veterans who teamed up to write military thrillers that honor and showcase the brave men and women who serve in the United States armed forces. The title, Sons of Valor, says it all—this is a book series about brotherhood, team-before-self, and military service.

"Action-packed and riveting, you seriously won't be able to put these books down. Take it from me, after 25 years in the SEAL Teams, these are as close to real life as you will get!" LCDR Tim Cruickshank

Bonefrog Coffee and Sons of Valor are cut from the same clothe which is why they make the perfect pairing. The mission is simple—veterans spreading the story of military service and brotherhood through craft coffee and high-octane thrillers. We couldn't think of a better pairing and we are proud to offer you 2 separate bundles to choose from that are perfect for the holidays. Get yours now while supplies last!

Our Sons of Valor Specialty Coffee Blend, a brew that embodies the strength, resilience, and courage of the elite Navy SEALs. This organically-grown gourmet blend delivers a coffee experience that's as bold and fearless as the warriors it's named after. With notes of Baker’s chocolate, graham cracker, and nutty undertones, our Sons of Valor blend is a medium to dark roast that offers rich and complex flavors from Central and South American beans. 


Characteristics: Baker's chocolate / Graham cracker / Nutty undertones
Primary origins: Central America / South America
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