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Zenfrog Decaf

Zenfrog Decaf

Medium Roast 12oz bag

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MEDIUM ROAST (12oz bag)

Find your zen anytime of the day with our Zenfrog Decaf gourmet coffee blend. Swiss Water processed and 100% chemical free, this full-bodied, medium roast is brimming with rich flavors and a smooth finish without the caffeine. We’ve carefully selected beans sourced from Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea to craft a superior decaf blend you’ll look forward to every day! 

Relax and enjoy a rich cup of our decaf coffee every day, knowing that you’re not only supporting a Veteran-owned business, but also giving back to support the military community and honor our fallen Navy SEAL brothers with each bag.

Characteristics: Full-bodied Medium Roast blend, rich and full flavored
Primary origins: Brazil / Ethiopia / Indonesia / Papua New Guinea
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