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BoneFrog® Leather Patch Watch Cap

BoneFrog® Leather Patch Watch Cap

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The BoneFrog® “Statesider” Watch Cap is our go-to when we are back home. This cap is adorned with the Bonefrog® Coffee Company logo engraved on a Handcrafted American Bison Leather patch and stitched on flawlessly for a warm, comfortable, and stylish look perfect for the range, hunting, camping, and everyday wear.

When you purchase the Statesider cap, you help us give back to Navy SEAL families, veterans, and the community we love. When you proudly wear this watch cap, you honor the fallen and keep alive their stories and legacies.


  • Warm and Classically Stylish
  • One size fits most
  • 4 Top-Seam Knit
  • 50% Acrylic – 50% Polyester
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