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Sons of Valor Blend

Sons of Valor Blend

Specialty Roast 12oz bag

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Introducing Sons of Valor Specialty Coffee Blend, a brew that embodies the strength, resilience, and courage of the elite Navy SEALs. This organically-grown gourmet blend delivers a coffee experience that's as bold and fearless as the warriors it's named after. With notes of Baker’s chocolate, graham cracker, and nutty undertones, our Sons of Valor blend is a medium to dark roast that offers rich and complex flavors from Central and South American beans. 

When you brew a cup of Sons of Valor Specialty Coffee Blend, you're not just enjoying an exceptional cup of coffee; you're also honoring the brave Navy SEALs who have lost their lives in service to our great nation and supporting their families. So, gear up, brew a pot, and raise your mug to the fearless warriors who inspire this bold, extraordinary blend.

Characteristics: Baker's chocolate / Graham cracker / Nutty undertones
Primary origins: Central America / South America
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