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Goat Locker Sample Size (4oz)

Goat Locker Sample Size (4oz)

Dark Roast 4oz bag

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VERY DARK ROAST (4oz  bag)

Steeped in Naval Tradition, the "Goat Locker" as it's affectionately named, is a term for the Chief’s Mess. Established April 1, 1893, in the days of wooden sailing ships, it is a place of reverence meant only for those selected few, that achieve the title of Chief.

All sailors acknowledge and many fear the term but only a  few know how The Goat Locker came to be. By tradition, all sailors and officers (including the Commanding Officer) are required to request permission before entering The Goat Locker. The tradition stands with rare exception even today.

Wise and gritty Chiefs, the keepers of knowledge, run the Navy with an iron fist, because young American lives are on the line.

For this, we raise a toast to you, "Old Goat.” Your well earned and feared reputation still sends chills down the spines of junior officers and Sailors alike.

The darkest roast we offer, we chose our Costa Rican bean for this coffee. Why the Costa Rican? It keeps its unmistakable character and quality, even when roasted extra dark, giving this coffee a slightly smoky, toffee-like flavor. Ours is a Strictly Hard Bean European Preparation (SHB-EP), and its hardness and volcanic origins are complemented by the French roast.

Characteristics: Bold / Slightly smoky / Toffee-like
Primary origins: Costa Rica

Grind Type

Coffee Grind Size Chart

If you have a coffee grinder at home, you can experiment with different grinds to find what works best for you. To start, match your brewing type to the typical grind on this chart.


Particle Size

Consistency similar to BEST FOR
Whole Bean 6 mm Grinding yourself
French Press 1.00mm Coarse sea salt French press, percolators
Pour Over 0.85 mm Coarse Sand Pour-over, Chemex
Drip 0.75mm Beach sand Drip coffee maker
Fine 0.50mm Table salt Moka pot (stovetop espresso), Aeropress, siphon brewer, pour-over cone
Espresso 0.30mm Fine granulated sugar Espresso
Turkish 0.10mm Flour Turkish coffee

For more information, check out our blog post The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Grind Types

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