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FrogMan Blend

FrogMan Blend

Dark Roast 12oz bag

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DARK ROAST (12oz bag)

Our Frogman Dark Roast Gourmet Coffee is specially crafted to honor the valor and sacrifice of combat divers, known as Frogmen, during World War II. As the legacy of the Frogmen is carried on through our Navy SEAL brothers today, we remember those who courageously fought for freedom and held the motto of God, Country, Team above all else. 

This organically grown, low acid coffee blend reflects that rich history with deep and bold flavors from Costa Rican, Indonesian, and Colombian beans with hints of chocolate, citrus, and subtle spiciness for a strikingly smooth flavor and semi-sweet finish.

Characteristics: Bold/Semi-sweet Chocolate/ Smooth finish
Primary origins: Indonesia / Central America / South America

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