Find Your Perfect Coffee Match: Take Our Coffee Product Finder Quiz!

Find Your Perfect Coffee Match: Take Our Coffee Product Finder Quiz!

Does your morning coffee ritual include a splash of cream and sugar? A refreshing cold brew coffee? Or perhaps the bold simplicity of black coffee? No matter your current preference, there's a delicious world of gourmet coffee waiting for you to explore with Bonefrog Coffee. As one of the only brands offering multiple grind types, we ensure you get the perfect grind for your chosen brewing method – a difference you'll taste in every cup. Our quick product finder quiz will guide you to your perfect coffee match, opening the door to exciting new flavors. Ready for a caffeine adventure that goes beyond generic "ground"? Take the quiz and transform your coffee routine into a delightful journey of discovery.

Coffee Lingo Made Easy

New to coffee? Don't let the lingo intimidate you! We've got your back with a breakdown of essential terms.  Let's dive in and help you find your perfect cup with confidence!

The Alchemy of Coffee Roasting

Coffee beans begin their journey with a grassy scent and none of the rich flavors we crave. The true magic lies in the roasting process. It transforms those unassuming green beans into aromatic treasures, awakening notes of chocolate, caramel, and vibrant fruit. Witness this remarkable transformation with Bonefrog Coffee's Master Roaster, Dave Stewart (Seattle's Best Coffee Founder), as he guides you from green bean to the rich, delicious roasts we savor.

The Roast Spectrum: Light, Medium, and Dark

One of the most important choices in gourmet coffee is the roast level:

Light Roast:

  • Brief roasting time produces a light brown bean.
  • Offers the most caffeine.
  • Highlights the coffee's origin with bright acidity and delicate flavors that can be fruity or floral.

Medium Roast:

  • The sweet spot for many!
  • Balances sweetness and origin flavors with slightly lower caffeine.
  • Has a balanced body and increased sweetness while still showcasing some of the coffee's unique flavors.

Dark Roast:

  • The longest roast results in dark brown, almost black beans.
  • Gives rich, bold flavors like chocolate, nuts, and sometimes a hint of smoke.
  • Has the least caffeine and the lowest acidity.


The Chemical Transformation

Roasting causes rapid chemical changes within the beans. When they hit their peak flavor, they're quickly cooled. Roasted beans have that wonderful coffee smell, are lighter in weight (due to moisture loss), and are ready to be ground and brewed. 

Freshness is Key

For the best coffee experience (and highest caffeine impact!), use your roasted beans as quickly as possible to avoid losing that fresh roast flavor.

Decaf Coffee: Enjoy the Flavor, Minus the Buzz

Decaf coffee offers the rich aroma and satisfying taste of regular coffee, but with significantly reduced caffeine content. Through various decaffeination processes, approximately 97% or more of the caffeine is removed from the coffee beans. This makes decaf an excellent option for those who are sensitive to caffeine, want to limit their intake, or simply enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the evening without the risk of disrupting their sleep.

Understanding Low-Acidity Coffee: Best Coffee for Cold Brew

Coffee's natural acidity adds a delightful brightness and sometimes a pleasing tang to your cup. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, that acidity can lead to discomfort. If you crave the smoothness of cold brew but find regular coffee bothers you, try low-acid coffee! It offers a delicious, stomach-friendly alternative. Here are a few options for those sensitive to acidity:

Cold brewing naturally reduces coffee's acidity, creating an exceptionally smooth and mellow drink. Low-acidity beans take this smoothness even further. Here's how to find the best coffee for cold brew:

  • Choose Dark Roasts: The longer roasting process breaks down acids, giving dark roasts a naturally lower acidity.
  • Explore Origins: Coffees from Sumatra, Brazil, and other regions are known for their inherent low acidity profiles.
  • Embrace Cold Brew: No matter the bean, the cold brew process itself produces a delicious, low-acid coffee experience.

The Importance of a Smooth Cup

A "smooth" cup of gourmet coffee is well-balanced, lacking bitterness or harsh flavors. Here's how to achieve a smooth brew:

  • Bean Quality: Start with fresh, high-quality beans.
  • Brewing Method: Methods like French press or pour-over can produce smoother results with the right technique.
  • Water Temperature: Too-hot water can extract bitter flavors. Aim for water just off the boil, around 195-205°F.

Understanding Coffee Blends

Coffee blends combine beans from different origins to create a unique flavor profile. They offer a consistent taste that roasters can maintain over time. Blends are an excellent choice if you want a reliable everyday coffee that's easy to brew.

Specialty Grinds: Getting the Right Grind Size

Did you know the size of your coffee grind dramatically impacts your brew's flavor? Finding the perfect grind is key to unlocking your coffee's full potential. Here's your quick reference:

  • Whole Bean: Best if you have a grinder at home for the freshest flavor.
  • Coarse: Ideal for French press and cold brew methods.
  • Medium-Coarse: Perfect for pour-over coffee makers.
  • Medium: The standard for most drip coffee makers.
  • Fine: Used for espresso machines.
  • Extra-Fine: Required for Turkish coffee brewing.


Your Coffee Adventure Starts Here

The best way to discover your ideal coffee is through experimentation! Try these concepts to find your perfect brew:

  • Explore Roast Levels: From light and bright to dark and bold, different roasts offer distinct flavors. Explore different flavors with our convenient sample pack.
  • Taste the World: Experiment with coffee beans from various regions – each origin has a unique flavor profile.
  • Brewing Methods Matter: French press, pour-over, or espresso – the way you brew impacts the final taste.
Feeling overwhelmed by the choices? Don't worry! Our coffee product finder is here to simplify your journey.  With a few quick questions about your preferences, we'll recommend coffees you're sure to love. Ready to find your perfect cup? Start your journey with our product finder today!
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